Selection Process

Selection Process

Referrals are appreciated and actively reviewed to consider whether they meet the investment criteria of the Group.

Companies selected will be provided access to the Member Portal and asked to complete an application and upload supporting company documents. SEIG curates the companies to make sure the information is complete and that the company has been placed in the correct category of stage, industry, and amount being raised.

Once an application is completed, companies can continue to update their information as they make progress or reach other milestones in their growth. Once applied, companies are eligible to be considered for selection in all following months for presentations to members.

Members will be notified when the application is completed and will have access to the company’s information. Members are encouraged to make direct contact with the companies.


SEIG uses an eight member screening committee process to select technology companies to present to the Group each month:

If invited to present at our monthly meeting in Atlanta it will be held the first Tuesday of the month at the Capital City Club, Brookhaven at 5pm.

If invited to make a presentation on a SEIG webcast, we have a scheduled monthly date that will provide the best member attendance.

In circumstances where a company needs more immediate member attention due to the pace of its financing, SEIG may host a special webcast for the company to the members.

Selected companies will be contacted by SEIG members in advance of presentations and offered coaching on their presentation.

After companies have presented, they are contacted by members within 48 hours to provide a summary of member comments and advised of member introductions. SEIG often hosts longer follow-up meetings with interested members.

Each SEIG Investor has access to all the companies in our pipeline and makes their own independent investment decisions. Companies may be contacted by individual SEIG members who may choose to pursue the company on their own, and/or make investments later in the growth of the company.