About Us

Helping Companies Navigate Their Journey

Our Operation & Targets

SEIG actively seeks technology-based growth companies throughout the Southeast. Companies are referred by members, other investors, and dozens of trusted tech hub sources. We have an active SEIG Affiliate program with regional and state technology organizations who support regional growth and refer technology companies.

SEIG maintains its own Member Web Portal that allows invited companies to make an application to present to the Group and easily upload requested supporting information. Once a company has applied they become active in the SEIG database and members can interact and follow them on a direct basis. The portal also enhances member collaboration and co-investment opportunities.

SEIG Targeted Business Sector Industries

Business Products (B2B), Wireless, Consumer Products (B2C), Cloud Services, Communications/Media/Entertainment, Data Analytics, Fintech, Healthcare IT, Logistics/Distribution software, and Network Security, among others. There are fewer investors with sufficient industry knowledge in the Biotech and Pharma industries, and as a result, we select fewer companies from those sectors.

SEIG Targeted Stage of Growth

We look for companies that are moving beyond early friends and family angel rounds, up and through A and B rounds of growth financing. In many cases, a company needs capital to expand their sales staff, fully execute their sales strategy, or support the production level to meet demand.

The screening committee selects companies to present to either a monthly dinner or a monthly scheduled webcast to members.

The Group does not operate a pool of capital or syndicate; rather SEIG Investors make independent investment decisions, but often collaborate and co-invest with each other.


The Southeast Investor Group, LLC ( SEIG ) is a community of independent investors and does not make any recommendations about investments. There is no pool of capital, rather each investor makes its own independent decisions on each investment. SEIG makes no commitment that an inquiring company will receive investment.

Please note our professional investors work actively in the technology industry in a realm of trust and do not sign non-disclosure agreements. If there is any question about proprietary information, each company may choose to withhold confidential information or describe it in general terms. It is the company making the inquiry that decides what specifics to share.

Thank you for providing your information.